Saturday, July 27, 2013

Shoe Sale

Creating this quilt was a real energy boost during some really intense hot summer days. Now that we have figured out how to cool the upstairs with the placement of four floor fans, it is much better.

Since then, I’ve completed the first two quilts in my Shop to Shop collection. My plan is to create a variety of quilts using all four polka dot fabric colors shown in an earlier post—brown, green, yellow, and red; and then producing a PDF pattern for each quilt design.

Here is how QUILT ONE has evolved so far:
My final placement of the appliques turned out like this: I liked the handbags on the top row and the shoes below. This reminded me of a real store display. 
Adding buttons was a fun process. I have two jars of buttons, and really wanted to have a project to play with them again. Even though they look so decorative displayed that way, at some point they SHOULD be used!! 


Then when I finished the stitching, and added the layers to add the binding, I did go with my gut feeling of using the polka dot fabric. It adds a unique look, tying in the polka dot theme to this project.  

Come back next time, to see the finished project.



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