Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Amalie's Footwear

My main objectives for this project were:
1.      To create a unique quilt using the polka dot fabric that I was saving for a special occasion.
2.      To try something different on the borders, by using lettering to fill up the white space. 

What to Add to the Quilt
First, I needed text and names to represent what the theme was portraying.
Since, I had just completed my family tree quilts; I was intrigued by the names that were found in the genealogy record. Therefore, I would choose names from the past that appealed to me and were not common names found today.

So what would I decide?
1.      I wanted to create a special place, and thus after much thought; named it “Polka Dot Crossing’.  This would go on the top border.

2.      I needed a catchy phrase. What relates better to shoes than a sale. So the text, “Shoe Sale” was added to the bottom border.

3.      And after having worked on this quilt, came up with the idea of creating more similar quilts with different themes. So decided the collection would be called, “Shop to Shop”.

4.      So I needed a name for the shoe shop. Finding the name “Amalie”, it was named, “Amalie’s Footwear”. And these words would go on the side borders.
Second, I wanted to add elements to the quilt to make it more than one-dimensional.
Here was the perfect opportunity to use decorative buttons that just waited to be discovered, in my button jars; and add uniqueness to the quilt design.  This allowed me to pour out my button jars and see what interesting shapes and sizes were hiding in plain sight.
Here’s the finished quilt. It measures 21 3/4” wide by 18 1/2” high.

My Quilt

I really appreciate your visits and comments in this blog adventuring; and hope to see you join me again to read more about my creative interests and new projects. My plans involve adding several FREE pattern tutorials this year (mainly quilting) on the first Saturday of the month.

My first FREE project coming to this blog… August 3, 2013.


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