Saturday, September 21, 2013

Add or Change Lettering on Your Quilt

If you wish to use different wording—here’s how easily you can do it:

1.       In a word document, select the letters for the changes needed to spell out the new inscription.
2.       Decide upon the font style and font size of these letters.
3.       Change the font color from black to a grey to save ink before printing out the page(s).
4.       Trace around each letter with a permanent marker, ensuring that the ink is showing on the back side of the page. 
5.       Using the back side of the page as your template, now trace out the new letters onto the fusible web paper.
If you can’t find the same font used in the pattern; then choose another font. The best fonts to use are ones that have rounded edges. The larger the letters, the easier it’ll be to stitch around the edges.

TIP:  To figure out the best size for the new font -- type several letters: of those used in the pattern and the new font you will be using, to determine if the size is similar.

The following word looks rather strange; however, to show you how different fonts behave; you’ll wish to use letters that will fit nicely into the space they are to be placed. The word: QUILT, is done with five different fonts – Impress BT, Cooper Black, Onyx, Adobe Arabic, and Forte all in the same size of 60.

Shop to Shop quilts: Shoe Shop, Flower Shop, Barber Shop, Fabric Shop
On any of the Polka Dot Crossing quilts, you may change the wording, or even omit them all together. If you wish to change the words to suit your purpose when making one; follow the five steps above.  
Note: The Segoe Marker font used in these patterns can be downloaded for free from the internet.

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