Saturday, August 10, 2013

New EQ7 Software

I finally took the plunge….

I’ve been an EQ user for about seven years now. I first started with EQ5, buying it from a quilt shop. Then, I upgraded to EQ6 in 2009, buying it from a vendor table at a quilt guild meeting. Now, I have Electric Quilt 7.
Recently, I was finding my EQ6 was not allowing me to view and print projects and templates; and figured it was time to seriously consider upgrading to EQ7. I believe I was on my last activation, as well, and would not be able to do another install.
Since, I knew no one around where I lived had the upgrade version, and after checking online shops, didn’t come up with anything either; decided to go directly to the source -- Electric Quilt's website.

I checked out Electric Quilt’s website for more details. The new version sure looked good. Here is a partial list:
1.       New activation policy – never runs out of activations!
2.       It includes over 5000 copyright-free blocks.
3.       Borders and Sashing – over 290 pre-designed auto borders!
4.       Import and trace photos – to create new blocks.       
5.       EQ6 Owners – Save $100 when upgrading to EQ7.
How many great photos do we all take today with our digital cameras? #4 was one feature that I was really intrigued by. 

Electric Quilt 7 -- shipped/received
Extra Notes:
I just saw a note on their website that EQ7 is compatible with Windows 8. Hooray!! I’ll be installing it later this month on a new computer. Then, I'll be able to watch all the videos.

I ordered it from their website because they ship by USPS, not UPS.  This is a BIG savings in shipping and importing fees when ordering from Canada.  
It came within the timeframe given in the order information; it shipped USPS, saving me on brokerage fees; and postage was under $17.
Now, all I need is to install it to a new computer when it arrives, and I'll be ready to prepare my next pattern series. 
See you next week, when I reveal the next project in my "Shop to Shop" series -- all about flowers.

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